Remodeler: Save $5000 with maintenance

RSVP spoke with Rob Hundley of Back Construction in Lexington, Kentucky, recently on a wide variety of topics related to home remodeling.

Back Construction is an award-winning remodeling company that has been listed as one of the top remodeling companies in the nation since 2005.

Rob Hundley, Back Construction

One of the topics we discussed was on why homeowners remodel their homes in the first place.

Rob says: “No matter what kind of project (remodeling) they want- something that is often overlooked is routine maintenance.  Homeowners as a matter of their yearly process, go out every spring, go out every fall, inspect their windows, inspect their gutters, take a look at their roof, just look for anything odd that’s changed over the years. Pay attention to those too.

A lot of the projects that we get into on the siding and window end of it is because of deferred maintenance that hasn’t taken place and they haven’t taken care of their home. If they’ll do maybe three to five hundred dollars’ worth of work now, it would save them three to five thousand dollars down the road.”

Home remodeling usually falls into two categories: wants and needs.  Obviously wanting to remodel your family room is not a need, but having to remodel your siding or windows due to cracks and weather related issues must be taken care of before it gets to be a major problem.

It’s lack of attention to your home that typically necessitates some remodeling projects.  With the recession, large numbers of homeowners have not had the money to address the typical maintenance that needs to be done to a home, which is a shame.  As Rob states, without this attention, it’s only going to cost you more in the long run.  Sure, it can be difficult to put a little money into your home now when money is tight, but don’t forget- when it comes time to sell your home, having kept up with routine maintenance means you can be ready to put your home on the market quicker than having to first hire a remodeling company to fix all those problems that have been building up over time.

Reap the benefits of hosting your clients at a sporting or off-site event

This past Sunday, it was RSVP Cleveland/Akron day at the Akron Aeros baseball game. Families from RSVP and clients from the local area were in attendance and it turned out to be an exciting day for everyone.

Bill, owner of Closet Factory talking with Tony Succatto, owner of RSVP

Bob Pietrick, owner of Closet Factory talking with Tony Sucato, owner of RSVP

Thanks go out to the Akron Aeros management for providing such a wonderful facility and food for all of our guests. We highly recommend it for any business looking to host a fun day for their families and guests.

Renting a suite at a sporting event is well worth the effort. Having access to such a comfortable facility and the ability to entertain prospects, clients, and families really helps to make those important connections with people outside of normal business hours. Unlike networking events, attending a game is relaxed and fun. Everyone is there with the purpose of having a good time without the worry of having to be business-like or the pressure of industry talk. You’ll find that you will learn more about your prospects and clients in casual talk at the game within the suite environment which will lead to better relationships and communication going into the future.

For instance, we learned things about our clients such as where they come from, how their careers have evolved, and personal things that in many instances are entertaining.  It’s funny how in a relaxed setting clients will open up and share things about themselves and families that you wouldn’t have found out under a more formal business setting.

Jim Inama, RSVP Cleveland talking with ***, owner of ****

Jim Inama, RSVP Cleveland talking with Lisa Matthews of Audio Video Interiors

The Aeros played well but couldn’t overcome Curve outfielder Alex Dickerson who nearly hit for the cycle, eventually losing 9-4. In the end everyone still had a good time.

Hosting an event isn’t limited to just a baseball venue, obviously, other sporting venues would be appropriate.  Don’t forget about the “minors” also.  It doesn’t have to be the big leauges in order to have a fun and productive event.  In addition, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for customization of your event from the facility you would be renting from.  Many of them would be happy to help add special touches or little extras to make your event memorable and stand out from others that your clients may have attended in the past.

Here’s how to get in touch with each of the professional baseball teams within the RSVP Kentucky Ohio Indiana footprint to schedule your company’s day to the game and personal suite: