NEW Employee Spotlight: Emma Barth

Get To Know Our Graphic Designer, Emma!

Emma is originally from Springboro, Ohio, but currently lives in Montgomery with her boyfriend CJ and their doggie Graham. Emma has also previously lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia so the move to Ohio sucked, because she went from living 15min away from the beach to the state that has all four seasons within a week!

Emma’s biggest blessings in life are her family and friends! Any free time she gets is usually spent with them, swimming at her parents pool, eating out, or staying in and playing board games all night!

Emma is a big fan of art. When she’s not graphic designing, she is usually finding something else to create! From coasters, clay pieces, baby nursery murals, to wooden Christmas decorations and cakes, Emma loves anything and everything art!

Emma comes from a very patriotic family. Her Dad served in the US Navy for 20 years which had a big impact on her. She loves everything red, white and blue, and anything to do with the ocean. To her, nothing is better than long walks on the beach! Go Navy! Hooyah!

Emma loves to travel. She will go anywhere to get out of Ohio……If there is any form of water then the trip is automatically better haha!

And lastly, Emma is such a happy go lucky person! If she isn’t smiling or acting goofy then something is up!

How to create an inviting guest bedroom for house guests

Whether you’re hosting festivities over the holiday season or regularly house out-of-town visitors, a warm and welcoming guest room is essential for your house guests. In addition to cleaning and organizing your guest room, you’ll want to spruce up the space with some fresh guest room décor and make sure you have all of your house guest staples handy. From plush bedding to bedside water carafes, here are nine affordable guest room décor ideas that will ensure your guests have a comfortable stay.

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NEW Employee Spotlight: Susan Steuer

Get to Know Our Office Manager, Susan!

Joe and Susan Pic 1Joe and Susan Pic 2Susan is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but currently lives in Mason with her husband of 29 years, Joe. She began working for RSVP in February of 2020.

Family pic 1

Susan enjoys spending quality time with her two adult children. Her daughter Katie is a Special Education Teacher and her son Joey is an Army Vet and is enrolled as a fire recruit at the Colerain Township Fire Department.

Sibs pic.jpg

Susan is extremely grateful to have an amazing family that all live in the Cincinnati area.

Friends picShe enjoys hanging out with her friends that she has known for over 40 years. They share great memories of Mariemont Middle and High School.

Friends pic 2Friends 4Friend 3

Susan spends a lot of her free time with her BFF Sherry. They enjoy traveling to Nashville, TN, going to concerts and beating their husbands at Euchre.


Susan also enjoys attending FC Cincinnati soccer games, boating with her friends and family, traveling the bourbon trail and visiting any beach.

3 Key Services You Need for Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Whether you’re just starting to think about digital or already have an SEO and content strategy, making sure you have certain foundational services can be key to saving you time and improving your results.

To develop your online brand and help customers find you amid all the competition, here is a quick guide on three cost-effective digital tactics you should have in place.


Google My Business

Google is one of the most-visited sites in the world and everybody with a device uses it multiple times a day to help inform their purchasing decisions. Did you know it also has tools available to help your business grow?

Google My Business is a platform that presents your business on the right side of the search results page and includes photos of your business, reviews, listings, and, best of all, a space to create social posts!

Using Google My Business will allow you to put your best foot forward the moment prospects start searching for your business, impressing both current and prospective customers alike.



Listing/Directory Services

Crafting an attractive website for your business takes plenty of time and effort, but that attractive website isn’t helpful if people don’t know where or how to find it.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! draw their listings data from different directory services all over the internet. While many of these services provide accurate information, it is important for business owners to set up accounts on as many of these sites as possible so they can ensure the accuracy of their phone numbers, addresses, and website URLs.



Review Management

Reviews are the lifeblood of a business. The very first thing customers do when someone recommends a company is to check out the general consensus of their online reviews and, most importantly, how the company responds to the comments.

Taking the time to respond to your reviews in a polite and friendly manner can show how much you value your customers and that you are also gracious and willing to fix mistakes if you receive negative feedback. It may take 30 minutes out of your day to do, but the positive effect it can have on your online reputation can’t be replicated anywhere else.

If you’re looking for proven ways to stay in your customers’ minds and consistently promote your business, give the staff at RSVP – Upscale Offers for Life & Home a call today at (888) 958-7787 or visit us online to see our customizable solutions.

The Buyer’s Journey: How Your Customers Really Find You


How Your Customers Really Find You

Marketing today can require a comprehensive strategy that includes both online and traditional direct methods to maximize your chance of qualified prospects finding and choosing your business. In today’s digital world, what is the best way for you to stand-out during each part of the buyer’s decision-making process?



It all starts with awareness. While methods like radio, newspapers and direct mail are primary sources for stimulating customer interest, they also search online using keywords and/or look at Google listings as part of their initial research.




The customer is searching, using Google, apps, directories, voice search and more. How easy is it for them to find you? It’s essential for you to know the findability of your own business and identify any inaccurate or missing online listings, which can easily improve your ranking on search engines.



The customer has found you! Your website is well-designed, simple to navigate, and contains great information on your products and services. Do you have great reviews? A business’ online reputation directly influences whether someone decides to do business with you or not. In fact, 84% trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth from their friends.



All the pieces are now in place for the customer to choose you. Will they? Conversion refers to the percentage of potential customers who take a specific action, such as calling you or booking an appointment online. Some tools to increase conversion are a website featuring a clear call-to-action, a web form, an online calendar, or the ability to purchase your products via an app. Don’t be one of the 22% of businesses who aren’t satisfied with their conversion rate, when you can use one or all of these tools to make it easy for a customer to connect with you.




The experience your customer had with you and your product or service should result in advocacy. They should want to continue doing business with you. People often share their thoughts through social posts, online reviews, or blogs. This is the best press you could ask for when it comes to promoting your business, so it’s important to know what’s being shared and harness its power effectively.

If you’re looking for proven ways to stay in your customers’ minds and consistently promote your business, give the staff at RSVP – Upscale Offers for Life & Home a call today at (888) 958-7787 or visit us online to see our customizable solutions.