February $50 Gift Card Winners! 🎉


Our 2019 February contest winners are:

Tammy Gullett - Riverside, OH

Russ Beckner - Middletown, OH

Jennifer Carstens-Brown - Monroe, OH

Matt Berger - Lebanon, OH

Allison Savage - Bexley, OH

Pete Harlan - Dublin, OH

Joyce Falk - Westerville, OH

Jerry Richardson - Lexington, KY

Kimberly Bridwell - Shepherdsville, KY

Ed McCoy - Elizabethtown, KY

Enjoy your $50 gift card for a delicious dinner on us! 🙂

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9 Drinks to Try this Holiday Season 🎄

Get into the holiday spirits.

Skip the boring beer this year — holiday parties deserve festive drinks like Christmas Sangria and Maker's Mark® Eggnog.

Check out the below drinks and links to add a little more cheer to your life this holiday season.

1.) White Christmas Mojito

If you like coconut you will enjoy this cocktail!

Click on the author's name to get to the recipe.

Photo & Recipe By: HalfBaked Harvest


2.) Christmas Sangria

This sangria is the right balance of crisp and fruity, with a slight touch of sweetness!

Click on the author's name to get to the recipe.

Photo & Recipe By: Cake'n Knife


3.) Peppermint Mocha White Russian

With peppermint, vodka and a touch of milk, this is the perfect post-dinner drink!

Click on the author's name to get to the recipe.

Photo & Recipe By: With Salt & Wit


4.) Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule Cocktail

The ginger-apple-cranberry flavor combo is so good and are quintessential seasonal flavors!

Click on the author's name to get to the recipe.

Photo & Recipe By: Heather Christo


5.) Rudolph’s Night Off

Pomegranate | Rosemary | Ginger Beer - Such an easy but impressive cocktail!

Click on the author's name to get to the recipe.

Photo & Recipe By: Elle Talk


6.) Jingle Juice Holiday Punch

You only need 3 ingredients to create this masterpiece! YUM.

Click on the author's name to get to the recipe.

Photo & Recipe By: Inspired by Charm


7.) Peppermint & Whipped Vodka Hot Chocolate

Just adding a little twist to this seasonal favorite.

Click on the author's name to get to the recipe.

Photo & Recipe By: Home Cooking Memories


8.) Maker's Mark® Eggnog

 This large-batch crowd pleaser is perfect for your next gathering.

Click on the author's name to get to the recipe.

Photo & Recipe By: Maker's Mark®


9.) Hot Cranberry Apple Spiced Cider

Spiced Cider is a holiday must. The flavor is perfect!

Click on the author's name to get to the recipe.

Photo & Recipe By: The Cookie Rookie



October $25 HoneyBaked Ham Gift Card Winners!

The winners of the $25 HoneyBaked Ham Gift cards are...⁣⁣
Chris Schons – North Ridgeville, OH⁣⁣
Russ Beckner – Middletown, OH⁣⁣
Diane Todd – Cincinnati, OH⁣⁣
Julie DiMascola – Columbus, OH⁣⁣
Lori Pierce – New Carlisle, OH⁣⁣
Carl Brady – Louisville, KY⁣⁣
Justin Collins – Blacklick, OH⁣⁣
Shelley Dickson – Lexington, KY⁣⁣
Betsy Jackman – Stow, OH⁣⁣
Troy Henderson – Chardon, OH⁣⁣
The gift cards will go out today - Enjoy! 🙂

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A new one is coming soon!

September $25 Panera Bread Gift Card Winners!

The winners of our $25 Panera Bread Gift Cards are.....

Bryan Sutton – Concord, OH

Renee Kitts – Lewis Center, OH

Richard Wagner – Columbus, OH

Kaitlyn Jordon – Miamisburg, OH

John Holmes – Lexington, KY

Jennifer Harger – Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Thomas Wellinghof – Lebanon, OH

Melissa Schloss – Cincinnati, OH

Lisa Perko – Broadview Heights, OH

Abigail Gardner – Louisville, KY

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How Kids Judge the Halloween Candy You Give Out

Everyone has their candy preferences, but what are kids thinking about what you’re putting in their bag?

However grateful and well mannered they are, it’s impossible for trick-or-treaters to avoid casting some judgment on the treat-giver-outers they encounter.

The Old Timer

You’re old school. You don’t go for newfangled gadgets or trends. You like the classics. When you’ve been around the block as many times as you have, you know what’s good and you stick with it.

The Spaz

You get an A for awkward. Either you grossly underestimated or “Candy” was flagrantly forgotten on SEVERAL grocery lists.

The Party Pooper

You’re probably allergic to sugar and happiness, but our new cavities are still going to get some sweetness tonight.

The Trusty Provider

Nothing too fancy, nothing too nasty. You’re a solid source of one or two enjoyable or tradable “fun” sized treats.

Cheapy McCheapster

You’re handing out candy from last year’s after-Halloween sales, aren’t you? Money may not grow on your trees, but tonight some toilet paper might.

The Legend

We shall one day tell our own kids of you good sir/madam. And the gold-plated private jet you must have lying around somewhere.


Contributed by Bethany Briggs


Need a little pick-me-up?

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." – Aristotle


There comes times when I have some self-doubt creeping in or sales may not be landing in my favor. Other times, it feels like relationships just don’t seem to be clicking. When I start to get a little anxious, I always get that hunger for learning. I wander around the aisles of the bookstore. I get on Amazon and read the reviews you know those “if you like this book you might also love ____”. Lately, everything I’ve read is just meh. Just repetition of the same material and content I’ve heard years before. It had been quite a while since I found a gem of a read. Definitely, quite a long time since I’ve picked up a book that is life-changing.

While waiting on a cell-phone repair, I wandered into a bookstore and this one called out to me, “READ ME!” High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. It’s off to an inspiring start. It’s the kind of book that makes you want to rush home and devour some more.

I’d love to share a few of my all-time faves. This is my go-to list of books I’ve read most more than one time. Some are dog-eared. All have highlighted passages. Some I’ve read 10 times. Not only does the content never get old, I often discover something new messages within the pages. Life situations change and that old text now speaks to me in a different way delivering a new and timely lesson.

Whether you’re looking for a little positive thinking or ready to grow your business to the next level, I hope you enjoy these classics (followed by my two cents).

E-myth by Michael Gerber (Critical for every entrepreneur)
The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
How to Win Friends and Influence people by Dale Carnegie
Good to Great by Jim Collins
Duct tape Marketing by John Jantsch (Practical advice for small businesses marketing that doesn’t cost a fortune)
Positive Personality Profiles by Dr. Richard Rohm (Forever changed my perspective on interactions with others)
10 X by Grant Cardone
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (I had this one on cassette tape in my first car)
Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith
The Bible
Drive by Daniel pink
One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard (Principles are timeless)
Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg (Give yourself permission to do great things!)
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (Fascinating research into top achievers)
Just Listen by Mark Goulston

I’d love to hear your all time faves. I’ll add them to my “MUST READ” list.


Contributed by Heather Kuth.

All images are Heather’s own & may not be republished without express written permission.

50 Years of Gratitude

“The healthiest of all human emotions is Gratitude” was spoken by Zig Zigler as he described what he called an Attitude of Gratitude

This is not human nature, and therefore not always easy to implement, and those around me know I am not always grateful in the moment.  However, when I step back and reflect on my time on this earth - Grateful summarizes my posture. You, like me, have so much to be grateful for, if we can keep redirecting our attention to gratitude.


I’ve had the fortune of visiting some cool places in the US and abroad. These are a few pictures where I’m feeling grateful!



I have been blessed with what I believe are God’s greatest gifts. I turned 50 this year and I’ll illustrate some of my most precious gifts below:



My amazing, beautiful and talented wife Ira. I took this picture of her recently with the Alaska landscape in the background.



We were married in September 2016 in Asheville at the Omni Grove Park Inn, now one of our favorite destinations…  The air in the mountains is so clean and fresh, and that resort is magical and very relaxing…



My loving and supportive parents, Justin & Ilde Sucato. My parents are both 100% Italian, and my Mom came over from Italy when she was a little girl. My Dad’s parents came from Sicily. My parents taught and were examples for my brothers and I that honesty and hard work are the foundations for success. Although my Dad passed in 2010, and I miss him dearly, I’m very grateful for the man that he was, and the example he set for me.



My brothers (Justin, Dan, and Joe) and I grew up very close. We’re all in different professions now, but each successful in their field. I’m grateful that we are each married to wonderful wives and have beautiful families. I’m also grateful that we schedule annual family reunions to spend time with each other during these busy times. Justin’s a successful business owner, Dan is a world-renowned Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon and Chief of Staff of his hospital, and Joe is an accomplished Jazz Musician and aspiring entrepreneur.



My 3 Handsome Boys:  Anthony 23, Andrew 19, and Christopher 16 are my pride and joy. These guys are growing up to be fine gentlemen and they continue to make me proud.



My 3 Beautiful Girls:  Emma 9, Gia 12, Maya 11. These are my step-daughters and they are a handful!  Girls are for sure different than boys, and I’m learning that first hand now! They are caring and sweet, and little firecrackers!



Our Family! This picture was taken at the foot of a waterfall (fed by a glacier) in Alaska. We were all together for this once-in-a-lifetime trip! The boys and the girls. and Ira and I had the best time!



Our puppy Nova was my gift to the girls for their wedding gift. The boys and Ira and I picked him out. He’s a multi-poo and he’s smart and intuitive. I can’t imagine our household without Nova!



This is my ex-wife Teresa. I include here in my collection of gratitude because we shared 18 years our lives together married and raised my 3 boys together. I’m grateful for that chapter of my life, my 3 boys.



This is one of my favorite pictures of our family altogether after our wedding ceremony! It doesn’t get better than this!



And finally, I am so grateful for my RSVP work-family (pictured below) who have been incredible for the last 18 years. Although some of my team members have changed over the years, this group of fine professionals inspires me daily to be my best. They have unique personalities and interested, and that makes our team unique and world-class! We have reached national status for our performance, sales accomplishments, and quality. Each of them has family not pictured here and I’m proud that our business supports their fine families.

My clients who we serve are amazing! My staff and I work with hundreds of incredible people and their businesses who we are proud to consider RSVP family. Each one of them has helped to grow me and my team - and we’ve helped them in a small way in exchange.


This is my family and I’m proud and grateful to be among them and serve!   


I hope you’ll join me and make 2018-2019 your best year ever by having an Attitude of Gratitude!




Anthony R. Sucato

Owner, RSVP / Sucato Marketing Systems


All images are Tony’s own & may not be republished without express written permission.