More time at home = more leads, which ultimately means higher sales and profits

RSVP clients have experienced 120%+ increase in their return in 2020, and anticipate more of the same in 2021!
This can be attributed to the power of direct mail, especially during current times where our upscale audience is spending more time at home!
More time at home = more leads, which ultimately means higher sales and profits

Sales People: Learn More About Your Product Than Your Company Taught You


When you were being educated about the value and benefits of the product that you would be selling, did you learn everything there is to know about the product?  Most likely, no.  It’s not that your company withheld information about your product, it’s just that even they probably don’t know all of the uses, benefits, or value of their own product.  So how do you find out this information?  Ask your customers.

Your customers can tell you things about your product (good and bad) that will help you in the sales process and make you more prepared to overcome the challenges of selling your product.  But you have to ask them.  They’re not likely to volunteer this information just because you sell the product, but they would be happy to share their experiences with you.  It gives them a feeling of authority with your brand.

Here’s an example:  WD-40 was developed as a lubricant (water displacement) for machinery parts.  It solved a common problem for many industries.  It was later revealed  in Reader’s Digest that there are many additional uses for WD-40 beyond lubrication.   Their customers were the ones that figured out these uses, most likely out of necessity to solve unforeseen problems, and applied WD-40 to solve the issue.  One of those uses was for roach extermination.  I highly doubt that the inventors of WD-40 knew, or invented WD-40 with roach extermination in mind.  But, they never would have known this without the feedback from their customers.

What can your product do that you’re not aware of?  You don’t have to brainstorm new solutions for your product to solve, just ask your customers.  Use the feedback provided by your customers in your discussions with new prospects.  You’ll find that it will make those prospects more engaged and receptive to your product helping solve their issues too.  It’s worked for me.

Actively ask your customers how they use your product and you might be surprised what they tell you.   The other thing that might surprise you is that you might get invited to lunch with the CEO more often, too.

Contributed by Jeff Vice.


Why Target New Homeowners?

Some facts about new homeowners:

  • Spend more in the first 60 days than an established homeowner will spend in the next two years
  • Are eager to purchase new services, such as landscaping and other home improvements both interior and exterior
  • Are more likely to buy home décor, furnishings, and appliances – over 75% of new homeowners will make a furniture purchase as a result of the move
  • Need personal services, including doctors, dentists and other professionals soon after they move
  • Need a new bank, supermarket and nearby restaurants and take-out meals for their day-to-day lives
  • Are more likely to buy home improvement goods – tool and electronic sales climb right after the move
  • Make other major purchases – 62% of new movers buy a new car within the first year after relocation

The affluent consumer is crucial to your business success

Discover who they are, what they are buying, and the buying triggers of the Affluent

The mass affluent represent the wealthiest, most sought-after demographics in all of marketing. This was true when the economy was booming, but it’s even more true now as the middle class shrinks and the mass affluent segment emerges as the least affected by price, making them even more desirable than ever.

Begin with the fact that the majority own one and often two homes. This means they travel, buy furniture, yard and patio goods, and remodel their bathrooms and kitchens.

They are also a ready audience for advertisers, who use targeted direct marketing mailed directly into their homes which is aimed squarely at their interests and desires, from fine dining, entertainment and travel to charitable giving.

And of course, by definition, they have money to spend. But the affect of the Great Recession has created a different mindset regarding value, and changed their purchasing behaviors.

Advertisers who wish to reach this lucrative market can buy space in our upscale postcard decks and choose which markets to distribute to. The RSVP team can help develop a postcard that is tailored to this affluent market, and advise on the most effective marketing message to maximize your results.