grumpyIf you are “dealing” with your customers and clients then you are doing it wrong.

You deal with problems. You deal with issues. You deal with drudgeries.

Customers are none of these things.

I cringe anytime I hear someone say they need to “deal” with a customer.  I feel bad for both the customer and that person who doesn’t love helping their customers.

You are serving a customer, not a life sentence. Learn how to enjoy your work. – Laurie McIntosh, writer, editor, and facilitator for Business Training Works, Inc.

Our job is to help our customers.
We are here to advise, guide, comfort and support our customers.

By removing “deal” from our vocabulary we can really start working with our customers. We learn what they need and how to be better in our business.

Our customers are why we are here.

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better. – Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of

MSN did a survey in 2013 and found that Amazon was ranked highest for receiving the most ‘Excellent’ ratings, with a total of 57.3% (a full 14.7% higher than the #2 ranked company, Marriott), but this isn’t really news – they’ve been topping charts for a while now. When you hear great quotes like this coming from their CEO, it’s easy to understand why.

So make customer service a priority, and see just how far it can take you! You won’t be disappointed, and neither will your customers.

Contributed by Jodie Hook.