Get To Know Our Project Manager & Senior Graphic Designer, Caitlin!

Caitlin’s favorite thing to do when she’s not working is junkin’. She gets super excited to go and dig through someone else’s junk and loves finding new “old” stuff to add to her collection.

Most of our team are pretty big animal lovers and Caitlin is no exception! Before her younger sister came along she made do with her family cat.

Caitlin defines herself as imaginative, passionate/driven, and empathetic. We agree! Whether it’s remodeling her home, helping at her family’s daycare, designing, or pulling together RSVP mailings in a timely fashion she always gives 200%.

She is a fantastic project manager and designer but if she wasn’t doing this she could see herself being a teacher. She had planned on being a teacher and even had her college picked out accordingly but at the last minute changed her mind and decided to go to The School of Advertising Art, which is how she ended up doing the amazing work she does today!

All images are Caitlin Tuohy’s own & may not be republished without express written permission.