Get To Know Our Account Executive, Jeff!

A memorable story from Jeff’s childhood was when he was 13 he was scared of roller coasters. His 15 year old cousin picked him up over his shoulders and carried him onto a roller coaster knowing he would have fun. He was right. When it was over they got right back on and rode it over and over.

One nerdy thing about Jeff is all the random facts he knows! He learned all the capitals of all the states when he was four and he knows a lot of geography and history. When he’s driving down the highway with his family he might point out why a town they’re passing was named, what it was or something that happened there in the past, or maybe someone famous who lived there. His wife, Kim, says he’s full of useless trivia that no one cares about.

If Jeff could tell his 13 year old self one thing he would tell him succeeding or failing with your education will define the rest of your life.

The best book Jeff ever read was The Big Short.
“With stagnant wages and booming consumption, the cash-strapped American masses had a virtually unlimited demand for loans but an uncertain ability to repay them.”
— Michael Lewis, The Big Short

One thing that might surprise you about Jeff is that he may act like an old guy but he still feels young!

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