I find that it can be difficult to stay in tip-top shape when you are glued to your desk for 8+ hours a day. When resources, especially time can be scarce, here are some simple tips to stay healthy:

  1. Hydrate – Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee or caffeinated beverage why not grab a glass of water?
  2. Sleep – The average person needs 8 hours of sleep to regenerate your mind and body.
  3. Use Your Kitchen – Keep your fridge stocked with fresh foods and enjoy the fact that you can whip up a healthy and satisfying lunch.
  4. Get Up and Move – Even if you can only get and enjoy the fresh air for only a short break (walk few laps around the office) your muscles thank you for it.
  5. Set Boundaries – Overworking and not taking time for you can be detrimental to your health, your well-being and even your work performance.

Good Luck!
Contributed by Caitlin Tuohy