The ability to create simplicity out of complexity is powerful tool that many seem reluctant to use. When designing artwork for clients, I find that they always want to cram as much as possible onto a 4.25”x6”postcard. Maybe they think that this makes them seem more credible or stand out from the crowd – sort of like the student who tries to impress the teacher by overusing his thesaurus when writing an essay. Consumers are, in fact, a lot like that student’s teacher: they aren’t going to be fooled by impressive jargon, complex wording, and blustery promises. Your ad may grab consumer attention, but probably not for the right reasons. It may strike them as overcrowded, or even overcompensating. Instead of creating a bloated, overloaded ad, try to craft a powerful, finely-honed message for your business’ advertisements. You will find that it will generate more business and be easier for people to remember.

But why is that?

As humans, we tend to prefer things that are easy to understand and navigate. In the context of advertising, this means that an ad with a clear message and simple offer is more likely to move consumers to buy. A concise ad facilitates the decision-making process. Think of it this way: the less time a consumer spends muddling through overwrought copy on a poorly-constructed ad, the more quickly she will make a buying decision. This principle applies to almost everything, from selecting a political candidate to choosing the right contractor for your home improvement projects. You only have a few seconds to grab your target audience’s attention –  so make it count!

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Contributed by Caitlin Tuohy