All the World is a Stage – Where is Your Audience? Part 2 of 2

Our previous post discussed how to build an ideal client profile using an existing client database as a starting point. Unfortunately, not all businesses have this luxury. There is no need for stage fright, though – the show must go on, and we can help ensure that your perfect audience will be there when the lights go down and the curtain comes up!

The easiest way for a new or developing business to build an ideal client profile is to be creative and make one! Start by basing your ideal client on your business – what product or service will you be selling? For example, a lawn care specialist will want to target homeowners instead of apartment dwellers, while a salon owner may not be concerned with homeownership, but wants to appeal to stylish women with disposable income. Your ideal client profile, then, must begin with your business in mind.

Your ideal client will be integral to your business’ success, so don’t hesitate to be ultra-specific. You can ask yourself questions such as:
● Is my client a man or a woman?
● Where does my ideal client live? In a city? In a suburb? In a rural area?
● Does she own a house? Or rent an apartment?
● How old is she?
● Is she a college graduate?
● Is she married?
● Does she have children? How many?
● Does she own a car?
● What is her household income?
● What are her hobbies?
● What newspapers, magazines, blogs or websites does she read?
● What does she look like – draw a picture if you need a visual!

Remember: the more detailed your description of your ideal client is, the better opportunity you will have to bring her to your stage! You can start marketing to your target audience as soon as you create your ideal client. Many advertising mediums will provide you with their demographic information, so all you have to do is find the medium with demographics that overlap your profile and start advertising there. The right ad in the right place, targeted at the right audience – bravo!

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