All the World is a Stage – Where is Your Audience? Part 1 of 2

Ask any actor or actress how important the audience is to a performance, and they will tell you, “VERY!” The actors rehearse with the director while the costume and set designers create the mood. The show’s success, however, depends upon the one participant who shows up on opening night without any preparation: the audience. In many ways, advertising is a lot like putting on a stage show. You work hard to craft your ad, but what happens when the curtain opens – that is, when the world sees it? Is the audience there and engaged? Or are you performing to an empty house?

This two part series will focus on defining your target audience by identifying your ideal client. Each part will focus on a different method for establishing an ideal client profile. The first method works best if you have an established client database, while the second is more useful for a new business. Your ideal client is what you think of when you imagine the person who would use your products or services; these ideal clients make up your target audience. Developing your ideal client will enable you to discover where to advertise, how often to advertise, and even how to advertise to maximize your ad’s impact.

If you already have an established client database, simply take a moment to think about which clients are your best, then write down what makes them so great. We also recommend asking these clients why they choose to work with you. Ask them where they first heard about your business, and what keeps them coming back for more. Don’t be shy – these are your best clients! They love working with you and want to help you succeed. You can then build your ideal client profile by using their responses in conjunction with the list you created. Look for commonalities amongst those on your list, such as: geographic locations, income and age brackets, shared interests and professions, etc. This information will lead you to a generic ideal client profile that can guide your advertising.

Can’t wait for part two on how to build an ideal client profile from scratch? Call us today! One of our experts will help you define your ideal client and develop a plan that markets directly to them.

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