It’s Time To Winterize!


Make sure your home is safeguarded against subfreezing temperatures! Winterizing helps keep your home secure and safe, as well as saving you lots of money in the long run! We know your mind is still in the summer; that’s why we are here to help you get your check list started!

It’s time to give you the 5 most important things to do for your house before the snow hits, and as an extra bit of help, we will include businesses that can help you with each one!

1. Weatherproof Windows & Doors

Weatherproofing your home will drastically reduce your heating bills. By applying weatherstrips to your doors and windows, and caulking to other areas where air leaks, you keep out the cold air of winter.

Businesses that can help: Glass Doctor, Renewal by Anderson, and Window Genie


2. Clean Gutters

Winter is a time that puts added strain on our gutter system. When water freezes in your gutters because of debris preventing drainage, it forces the melting ice and snow underneath the shingles and into your home. However, if you clean out your gutters, melting ice and snow can drain off your roof preventing damage.

Businesses that can help: Ever Clean Gutters, Gutter Boys, Gutter Helmet, and Leafguard

3. Check Heating System

Having your furnace inspected before winter reduces the chances of safety hazards from carbon monoxide or gas leaks. It also reduces the chances that you’ll find out there is a critical issue with your system, and will protect you from cold nights. While checking your furnace, make sure your vents are open, so your heater can properly heat your house and not put added pressure onto your furnace.

Businesses that can help: Five Star Heating & Cooling, Jarboe’s Heating & Cooling, Watkins Heating and Cooling, and Williams Comfort air


4. Clean and Reseal Chimney

It is very important to clean your chimney before winter, especially if you have a wood burning fireplace. Wood-burning fireplaces generate creosote buildup that accumulates in your chimney. This oily substance is flammable and can lead to fires in the flue. Chimneys get damaged a lot because they are exposed to harsh weather all the time. There can be cracks and structural problems that will cost you a hefty price if not detected before the cold weather!

Businesses that can help: Chimney Guys, Chimney Care Company

5. Book a Date to Have a Company Set Up Christmas Lights

Leave it to the professionals! Christmas lights always make the holiday season more cheerful and bright. So, book an appointment to have it done for you. Don’t take the risk of falling off the roof and ruining your winter, to hang up a couple lights. Businesses come and light up your home for you, but they book up quickly! The sooner you schedule an appointment the better!

Businesses that can help: Landscape Lighting, NiteLights, Window Genie, and Color world