Get To Know Our Graphic Designer, Emma!

Emma is originally from Springboro, Ohio, but currently lives in Montgomery with her boyfriend CJ and their doggie Graham. Emma has also previously lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia so the move to Ohio sucked, because she went from living 15min away from the beach to the state that has all four seasons within a week!

Emma’s biggest blessings in life are her family and friends! Any free time she gets is usually spent with them, swimming at her parents pool, eating out, or staying in and playing board games all night!

Emma is a big fan of art. When she’s not graphic designing, she is usually finding something else to create! From coasters, clay pieces, baby nursery murals, to wooden Christmas decorations and cakes, Emma loves anything and everything art!

Emma comes from a very patriotic family. Her Dad served in the US Navy for 20 years which had a big impact on her. She loves everything red, white and blue, and anything to do with the ocean. To her, nothing is better than long walks on the beach! Go Navy! Hooyah!

Emma loves to travel. She will go anywhere to get out of Ohio……If there is any form of water then the trip is automatically better haha!

And lastly, Emma is such a happy go lucky person! If she isn’t smiling or acting goofy then something is up!