Imagine you have created the perfect ad with a compelling design, great offer and a call to action that says “Do business with us now!” But the ad is on a billboard on I-75 where most people zip by at 70 miles per hour. Or it is nestled in between stories on page A6 of the local newspaper. Maybe it is aired on the local radio or TV station. Billboards, newspapers, radio and television are examples of mass media, and they may be killing your marketing budget by sending the right message to too many of the wrong people.

Mass media is designed to reach a lot of people in a large area – it may reach a college student renting an apartment near campus, or it may reach a CEO living in a million-dollar estate. Such a wide audience may be ideal for some businesses with targets in many markets, like fast food restaurants or shopping centers. But does your business have targets in many markets? The answer is most likely “No.” This is why mass media can be problematic: it reaches such a broad audience that it may dilute your message.

Do not confuse “market” with “geographic zone.” We use the word “market” here to refer to the demographic elements that comprise your ideal client profile, such as age, gender, income, et cetera. Geographic zone may be an element of your client profile, but it is one factor amongst many. Some businesses, such as landscapers, remodelers, interior designers, and other home improvement specialists need to focus on one demographic especially: homeowners. Mass media advertisements are a waste for these businesses because, according the latest U.S. Census data, nearly one-third of the population in any metropolitan area are renters – not homeowners!

Home improvement specialists aren’t the only ones losing money to mass media. Any business that offers specialized or luxury products and services would be best served by ditching mass media and focusing on outlets that reach their highly-targeted ideal customer. Need help finding the right media for you? Don’t worry – we can help! Give us a call to discuss your business’ needs and we will find the right media for you!

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