Advertising is so pervasive today that there’s practically nowhere you can go without seeing or hearing an advertising message from a business grappling for your attention. That’s capitalism.

Many studies have been produced that say we’re bombarded by anywhere from 500 to 2,000 advertisements per day Just think about the number of signs you pass by that indicate a business’s brand or location, all while your radio is cranking out blocks of sixty-second spots between your handful of tunes or news and weather.

Are you really digesting all these images and messages? The advertisers hope you are. But too many advertisers are just wasting their money with generic messaging which could also fall under the category of branding.

If you are going to spend thousands of dollars to blow away your potential customer with your message, why wimp out with just a pretty picture and a phone number? Does that type of message actually ask your target to take out his or her wallet and give you their money?

Your advertisement must be bold. I don’t mean that you have to be controversial or outrageous to get attention. You just have to be straightforward and clear about what you want the recipient to do with your message. You want them to buy. Give them the map to do it.

Think about it this way – what is the tipping point at which an advertiser gets you to take action now? If you make them a special offer, make it special . Most people won’t get out of bed for just ten percent off. You know what your customers like. Give it to them. They’ll return in kind.

Contributed by: Jeff Vice


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